Stonewall Still Lying

After rumours emerged that the government plans to officially scrap self-id, the usual suspects increased their volume of outrage and simply doubled down on existing rhetoric. The problem here is that Stonewall is the major L,G, B charity in the UK and has considerable influence over many schools, colleges, and other organisations that are in direct contact with women, children, and other vulnerable adults. Link to full tweet.

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Are posh women getting ready to throw us all under the bus?

I reckon they might be. And they’re gonna be chanting the trutrans mantra as they do so. Despite a number of women wanting to push for a complete repeal of the GRA2004 since self-id was kicked into the long grass, the posh women are hinting at only minor reforms. The problem with this is that many of us can see a bit further down the road and we can see things from a different perspective. The posh women are usually playing catch up to those who aren’t so hamstrung by red tape, manners and generally playing nice.



Lesbians, have your babies (if you want them)!

Urgh. The conflict is a never ending stream of bile and shite. One of the latest arguments to erupt under the Gender Critical umbrella is that having children is an expression of heterosexuality. Yeah, someone actually said this to a woman who is also lesbian. As in, she was suggesting lesbians shouldn’t be wanting to have kids because it’s something that heterosexual couples do. I wtf’ed so hard I nearly gave myself whiplash.

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Is the Cult of Personality Compatible with Activism?

When it comes to social groups with a message to spread it is easy to spot those who are only out for themselves. For one, you’re likely to know exactly what they look like because there’s a shit ton of pictures of them and they’re usually quick to accept any offer of a photo op irrespective of who it’s with. Two; they will have little to no history of activity in activism or leanings toward improving social consciousness in whatever area it is they’ve wandered into. And three; It’s usually the result of an apparently radical shift in thinking which mostly occurs during a life crisis. This can be anything from job loss to divorce, kids getting older, or a partner cheating. Could be anything, but it’s always something which affects the person’s status or psyche in some way. The younger ones may have a different agenda but they’re not necessarily innocent or naive with their intentions.

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Why Don’t They Just Leave?

A recent argument saw voices at odds on the subject of transwidows. For those who haven’t heard the term before, it’s the women who were married to men who came out of the closet as ‘transgender’ later on in the marriage or relationship.

Not all trans people are abusive – that needs to be made clear here and now. However, the landscape has changed drastically over the last few years and most of those who now self-identify as ‘trans’ are no more than fetishists. I don’t want to go any further in explaining about the menz though because they’ve already had more than enough airplay in all of this. Continue reading “Why Don’t They Just Leave?”


Nope. Not a typo fer twerking. Tweaking.

Recent disappointments have led to an inevitable reexamination of focus and what role I actually want to play in the trans debate. I may, or may not, talk about the specifics of those disappointments in coming weeks but right now, my consideration has to be given to how much of my focus is given to supporting Trans-identified Males.

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Purity Politics & the wheels on the bus. . .

Purity politics are rapidly becoming the go-to words to shutdown debate and complaint. More recently I’ve seen it pulled into conversation when someone, usually of a lower social standing, makes a complaint about someone standing alongside a known ‘right-wing’ organisation. I know this isn’t limited to women in feminism because I’ve seen it used elsewhere online but it is always used when a person’s political values are being challenged because of a questionable alliance. It’s certainly easier to throw in a catchy label rather than take the time to justify the reasoning behind giving support to a group which have a shit-load of views you wouldn’t ordinarily be seen to spout yourself. What concerns me is the apparent lack of good faith in doing so.

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Spinning…and maybe some weaving…

Gender ideology has exploded over the last couple of years and it is only when you bear witness to an online battle you can truly appreciate the level of hostility, stupidity, and downright what-the-fuckery which is raging between the opposing sides fighting for dominance. The gender debate has raged particularly fierce on Twitter, with those on Facebook only recently taking notice of the extent of the absurdity which is taking place under their noses.

Twitter is mostly a cesspit of misinformation, shit information, and openly abusive males. I’ve never been a fan of the place although I do use it and was glad to find a handful of people on there who were provoked by similar issues. I’ve spent the last eighteen months watching the most significant gender apostates get booted off the platform for making some pretty basic statements. Outlandish claims such as ‘men can’t become women’, ‘you’re a man’, and ‘women don’t have dicks’ were cited as being just too offensive. Saying ‘lesbians are same-sex attracted’ has provoked similar outrage amongst the ban-happy moderators yet the males demanding that lesbians accept their dicks as clits on sticks have remained. It’s hard not to see any of it as anything more than raging misogyny.

Spinster was launched within the last month as a response to seeing too many women permanently banned from the Twittersphere. The woman who co-created the platform was recently fired from her job as a software engineer because she wrote a post which expressed her opposition to the current gender ideology. It’s beyond ridiculous she’s been sacked for an opinion which merely challenges an oppressive ideology. But then, women can be remarkably resilient and have a habit of coming back even stronger…as long as we’re not too broken to begin with, that is. Spinster has made the claim it’ll be pro-feminism, support gender criticism, and be a space for women to express themselves and their concerns without fear of expulsion. No doubt it will take some time to see exactly how the platform will be used but for now, it’s created a place of respite for those who are beyond sick of having to censor themselves.

Spinster will be a female-centered and not a female-only platform. Some women have already called for a ban for all men but there is no realistic way to police entry to an open platform. Some are choosing to either block or mute any men which is a great idea for those wanting to focus on hearing the voices of women. Others are already starting the debate on what feminism actually is; something I’ll be looking at more closely myself over the coming weeks. I can certainly see the need for clarification when liberal feminists are in open support of allowing biological males under the umbrella of ‘woman’ and actively promote prostitution and porn as empowering.

My focus will be shifting in the coming weeks. Apart from needing to reimmerse myself in the world of myth and magic, I want to begin looking at the dynamics between men and women and how those differences play out in the real world.